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“The best Reiki workshop in Perth. I love the take-home tools and worksheets.” Emma – Perth




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One-On-One Energy Work

Book a healing session. Shift your energy blocks, clear your aura, find your life purpose.

Personality Profiling for Businesses

Leonie has extensive experience in corporate transformation, communication training and team development.

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Space Clearing

Buying or selling a home? Too much negativity in your workplace? Spiritual space clearing removes the negative, stagnant energy in any building.

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How Reiki healing can help you!

Reiki is described as the “universal life energy” and when you are attuned to this energetic vibration, it can be channelled through you and passed on to whomever you touch. In many eastern cultures, it is known that the universe is not just empty space but that it is... read more

“She sees and clears the blockages that no-one else seems to be able to help you with”

I have been seeing Leonie Feast for many years now, and as I’ve found such tremendous results in my own well being and personal growth.  Leonie weaves her magic like no other. By tapping into the real cause and releasing it,  she generates amazing energy and clarity.

Tania Catford

“Like the ancient Greeks who consulted the wise oracle, many senior executives, leaders and managers consult her for her vast repertoire of knowledge and wisdom”

Leonie is a one of the world’s leading authorities in several healing modalities and provides advisory services to companies, organisations and institutions. Having known and worked with Leonie for several years, Leonie brings clarity, insight and foresight into helping solve some of the most complex problems and challenges whether it is for people or organisations.

Dr David Paul