Leonie Feast-Jones

Australia's Authentic Energy Healer for over 30 years

Leonie Feast-Jones is a very powerful energy healer. For 30 years, Leonie has been at the forefront of energy healing in Australia. Leonie uses a wide range of healing modalities in her healing sessions.  She receives guidance intuitively and heals accordingly. Healing methods include Reiki (Leonie is a Reiki Master and Trainer), EMF Balancing Technique ®, Chakra Balancing, Psych K, Chanelling, Colour Healing, Energy Dynamics and Trigger Point Therapy.

Leonie is very much in demand Australia-wide. Although currently residing in Perth, Western Australia, Leonie travels interstate and overseas to conduct personal energy healing sessions as well as workshops and retreats. She is also available for distance healing remotely via Skype to anyone in Australia or world-wide.  To learn more about Leonie's story, click here.

One on One Energy Healing

Shift your energy blocks, clear your aura,  balance your chakras, find your life purpose. Healing Sessions available face to face or distance healing . Learn more and book a session below.

Space Clearing

Buying or selling a home? Too much negativity in your workplace? Spiritual space clearing removes the negative, stagnant energy in any building. Click here to learn more

Workshops & Retreats

Reiki Level 1 and 2; Meditation Classes, Empowerment Circles; Click here for dates of upcoming workshops and events. Click here to learn more

What to expect during a Face- To-Face Energy Healing session:

Leonie is intuitively guided by spirit so each healing is different. Generally you will be placed on a massage table. If you need more work in your physical field, your treatment will involve more massage and trigger point therapy to remove blockages in your physical body. If you need more work in your aura field, your treatment will involve more Reiki, EMF and lighter aura work.  Most sessions will involve a combination of healing types.  Leonie's sessions are very powerful and clients leave feeling lighter, relaxed and often euphoric. Many clients report that their treatment with Leonie  brings about positive, life changing long term effects.

Leonie will use a combination of EMF Balancing Technique, Reiki, EFT Tapping, Sound Therapy, Aromatherapy, Head Massage, Body Massage, Breathing Techniques, Energy Clearing, Psych K, Messages from Spirit, Tuning Forks and other intuitive healing. 


What to expect during a Skype Energy Healing session:

Leonie can tap into your energy field no matter where you are in the world. Leonie can do this using either Skype or phone. A distant healing session with Leonie is very relaxing healing experience. Let Leonie tune in to your fields and chakras and clear away the blockages that are holding you back.  These blockages affect you on a physical, spiritual and emotional level, and when you have your flow back you will feel energised on all levels.

Read what Leonie's Clients are saying...

I have been seeing Leonie Feast for many years now, and as I’ve found such tremendous results in my own well being and personal growth. Leonie weaves her magic like no other. By tapping into the real cause and releasing it, she generates amazing energy and clarity. She sees and clears the blockages that nobody else seems to be able to help you with.

Tania Catford

Leonie is a life changer. She has the ability to help you work through blockages that are stopping you from moving forward.It is not just another quick fix therapy- It is a life changer. I would encourage anyone to take the next step and book a session today. I can highly recommend Leonie and her specialist skills.

Kerrie Akkermans                 

I recognize at different points of my life when your head becomes clouded and everything becomes ‘too hard’, a treatment from Leonie shifts all of that to give back clarity and vitality again. We often laugh about wanting to skip home after a treatment from Leonie as we feel so much lighter, buzzing with energy and ready to re-focus on our life’s journey.

David Pocock 

Energy Clearing

Leonie can also conduct space clearings in your home or business.  Everything that has ever happened in a building remains in the energetic field of that building. This includes emotions, actions and thoughts. When emotions, actions and thoughts have been happy, the building has a happy, positive energy. However many buildings have witnessed arguments, stress or sadness. All these emotions are held in the very fabric of the building.

When the energy of a building is negative it can cause depression, arguments, ill health, frustration, legal issues or “bad luck”. The energy is held there like a thick layer of dust on every wall, floor and piece of furniture. Contact Leonie for a space clearing of your home or workplace. Click here to learn more.

Download Leonie's Popular Meditation MP3's

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Claremont, Perth, Western Australia.