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For 30 years, Leonie has been at the forefront of energy healing in Australia. Contact Leonie today to see how she can help you.

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A little bit about me

Leonie Feast-Jones is a very powerful energy healer. For 30 years, Leonie has been at the forefront of energy healing in Australia. Leonie uses a wide range of healing modalities in her healing sessions.  She receives guidance intuitively and heals accordingly. Healing methods include Reiki (Leonie is a Reiki Master and Trainer), EMF Balancing Technique ®, Chakra Balancing, Psych K, Chanelling, Colour Healing, Energy Dynamics and Trigger Point Therapy.

Leonie is very much in demand Australia-wide. Although currently residing in Perth, Western Australia, Leonie travels interstate and overseas to conduct personal energy healing sessions as well as workshops and retreats. She is also available for distance healing remotely via Skype to anyone in Australia or world-wide.  To learn more about Leonie’s story, click here.

How I can help

One-On-One Energy Work

Shift your energy blocks, clear your aura, balance your chakras, find your life purpose. Healing Sessions available face to face or distance healing.

Space Clearing

Buying or selling a home? Too much negativity in your workplace? Spiritual space clearing removes the negative, stagnant energy in any building.

Workshops & Retreats

Reiki Level 1 and 2; Meditation Classes, Empowerment Circles; Click here for dates of upcoming workshops and events.

People I have worked with

“She sees and clears the blockages that no-one else seems to be able to help you with”

I have been seeing Leonie Feast for many years now, and as I’ve found such tremendous results in my own well being and personal growth.  Leonie weaves her magic like no other. By tapping into the real cause and releasing it,  she generates amazing energy and clarity.

Tania Catford

“When Leonie moved to Sydney some years ago the word got around about ‘this amazing woman”

When Leonie moved to Sydney some years ago the word got around about ‘this amazing woman’ and soon I and my friends and colleagues were talking about Leonie and our experience when seeing her. Leonie was a tremendous support to me when I was about to undergo major surgery and during my recovery.

Jill E

“Like the ancient Greeks who consulted the wise oracle, many senior executives, leaders and managers consult her “

Leonie is a one of the world’s leading authorities in several healing modalities and provides advisory services to companies, organisations and institutions. Leonie brings clarity, insight and foresight into helping solve some of the most complex problems and challenges whether it is for people or organisations.

Dr David Paul

“Leonie did two sessions and now he can walk straight, run, without tripping, swim straight”

Leonie suggested I bring him along for a session. Immediately I saw him on the couch and saw the unevenness of his body. Leonie was amazing and worked with him on his level throughout. He enjoyed the sessions and the impact on his life has been immense.

Merinda Smith

From my blog

Winter is here

Winter is a wonderful time of year to Nurture and re-energise yourself. It's a quiet contemplative time of the year when we can connect with our inner selves. I love doing healing in Winter time because I find people are more reflective and focused on the inner rather...

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How the weather effects our energy fields

Over many years of healing clients, I have observed that as the seasons change our body energy fields change. For many people, as winter arrives, arthritis becomes more painful in the body. It also can be debilitating for many people. As there are different types of...

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Financial blocks in your energy field

I had  a client last week who had been suffering from lower back pain for months. She had financial blocks in her energy field, caused by stress and worry. Financial blocks often creates tightness in the lower spine which then converts into pain. People don't realise...

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Reiki Workshops in July 2016

I am happy to announce that she I be holding Reiki workshops in July 2016. The Reiki I Workshop will be held on Saturday July 2nd. The Reiki II Workshop will be held on Saturday July 23rd. Book now as spots are limited. I would love to see you there for a beautiful...

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Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have. Be grateful for what you have. Live from a space of gratitude and abundance....

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