EMF Balancing Technique

What is it? What does a healing session look like?

Reduce anxiety. Gain clarity.

Be free from your past.


We don’t stop where our skin stops!

There is far, far more to us than meets the eye.

The EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field) Balancing Technique® aims to balance the human electro-magnetic energy field, restoring the proper flow of energy, bringing about balance to the spiritual and physical body.

EMF identifies and balances areas along the energy field that are not flowing properly and corrects the flow. At the same time, any energy flows or patterns that are not needed or that may be creating a negative charge are also dealt with. This creates balance that ultimate leads to wholeness for body, mind and spirit.

The benefits of EMF balancing  extend to building and repairing relationships, cleaning up the energy flow in a home or community, or opening the door for the acquisition of more knowledge for self improvement. While physical healing is not the focus of EMF balancing treatments, it is not considered unusual for people receiving the treatments to experience a reduction in physical symptoms and find they begin to feel better in a short period of time.This increases your ‘energetic sensitivity’ and accelerates the personal growth process, facilitating potent Self-empowerment.

For more information on EMF, please visit the website at: www.emfbalancingtechnique.com