Space Clearing

Clear away the old energy to make a fresh beginning

What is Space Clearing?

Quantum physics has proven that the whole universe is composed of energy. Everything we see, hear, touch and feel is actually energy. In the environment in which we live, every person, animal, plant, building and piece of furniture is made up of energy.

Everything that has ever happened in a building remains in the energetic field of that building. This includes emotions, actions and thoughts. When emotions,  actions and thoughts have been happy, the building has a happy, positive energy. However many buildings have witnessed arguments, stress or sadness. All these emotions are held in the very fabric of the building.

When the energy of a building is negative it can cause  depression, arguments, ill health, frustration, legal issues or “bad luck”.

The energy is held there like a thick layer of dust on every wall, floor and piece of furniture.

Spiritual Space Clearing

While there are an increasing number of consultants working in the field of “space clearing”, a true space clearer also has the intuitive ability to detect spirits. A space clearer needs to communicate with these spirits and request that they move on. This needs to be done in a gentle, prayerful manner, showing the utmost respect for the spirits that have chosen to remain attached to a building.

History of Space Clearing

Space clearing is an ancient practice. In almost every ancient culture in the world our ancestors recognised the need to clear the old energy and spirits. Even the Western tradition of a “house warming” party stems from our tradition of bringing in new energy.

Buying or Selling a House?

This is a time when space clearing is absolutely vital. If you have been trying to sell your home and it just won’t sell, please consider a space clearing. If a home has negative energy, or even just strong energy from previous tenants, potential buyers will get a bad feeling and will not buy.

Clear the Energy in Your Business

The feedback from businesses after a clearing is always positive. Many report an increase in profits, less customer complaints, and happier staff. The business owners themselves feel lighter, calmer and enjoy their business once more.

Let Leonie Give You a Fresh Start

Leonie Feast-Jones has the unique intuitive ability to detect the energetic patterns of a building, as well as any spirits residing in a building. She clears away spirits in a respectful way, and removes any stagnant or negative energy that has imprinted itself in your home or workplace. She replaces the space with revitalised, positive energy allowing you to make a fresh, happy beginning.

Leonie has performed numerous space clearings for both commercial spaces and residences throughout Australia and overseas.


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