One on One Healing

Removing blockages, enhancing energy, bringing passion to your life

Leonie is available for one-on-one healing sessions. These sessions are personal, and Leonie uses a combination of healing modalities that suit your needs.


What to expect during a session:

Leonie is intuitively guided by spirit, so each healing is different. She uses a combination of:

  • EMF Balancing Technique ®

  • Reiki

  • EFT / TFT Tapping

  • sound therapy

  • aromatherapy

  • head massage

  • body massage

  • breathing techniques

  • numerology

  • energy clearing

  • messages from spirit

Many clients feel an electric buzz from her hands as she works. Sessions are very powerful and clients leave feeling lighter.


What to expect after a session:

The healing session can be quite overwhelming as it removes blockages and shifts emotions. Emotions are brought to the surface before being shifted out.

After a healing, most people feel light and energised. Some will feel tired and have a headache as their body processes such a large shift of energy. The physical effects of a healing will often be gradual over a few weeks. The blockage is removed from your field, but your physical body takes a few weeks to acclimatise.

Leonie can see and feel the energy field and can remove blockages to promote healing.
Leonie is a powerful energy healer

 Healing via Skype is Available

 skype-logoLeonie does not need to be face to face to shift blockages in your energy field. Leonie can tap into your energy field no matter where you are in the world. 


Contact Leonie today to book a one-on-one healing session at her clinic, or remotely via Skype

Distance healing sessions can be done using Skype.