Leonie's Journey

Master Healer. Educator, Life Coach

Leonie’s intuit/ psychic healing abilities became apparent when she was a child, after several traumatic events in her childhood. She grew up in Mount Gambier, Australia in a large family of 8 children. At an early age, Leonie was badly burnt in a house fire and spent many months in hospital away from her family. Soon after, Leonie’s father was seriously brain damaged in an accident. Her family was torn apart when Leonie and her siblings were dispersed to be looked after by other families.  Leonie’s intuitive abilities became apparent soon after.

Growing up in the 1950s and 1960s, Leonie kept her psychic abilities to herself as she knew she would be ostracised if she let people know about her abilities. So she lived a normal life and got married. In her twenties she owned several clothing boutiques, and opened a Modelling Agency and Grooming and Deportment School. She was a successful businesswoman in Australia and Asia.

She always felt that her higher purpose was to help others. The brain damage suffered by her father inspired her to study the brain, mind and body and how they work together on a holistic level. At a time when “new age healing” was ridiculed, Leonie began her healing practice and within a few years she had  a large national and international clientele that recognised her extraordinary healing abilities.

She travelled the world studying new modalities and became a master practitioner and trainer in many of these disciplines.  She began training others in these powerful techniques, and today many of Australia’s top healers have trained under Leonie. She also became a well-known healer in Asia.

With her children fully grown, and due to high demand, Leonie expanded her practice to Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane. She resides in Mount Gambier but frequently travels to other parts of Australia to see her clients.