Self love is an art form; and one we must master. But like all art forms, they can take years to master, unless you’re given the right tools and guidance. Here are some powerful exercises you can incorporate into your daily life, so you can become a beautiful artist in no time.

Allow Yourself To Receive

Firstly, you must allow it to happen. Allow yourself to receive; to be that artist. So many women don’t know how to receive. They are wonderful givers but not many are good receivers. We’re taught to do everything else and be everything else but we’re not taught it’s just okay to be us. So let go of the guilt, so you can be open to receive.

Mirror Affirmations

Start using your mirror as your canvas. Everyday look in the mirror and say a self-loving affirmation. Make it a ritual, like brushing your hair and cleaning your teeth. Next time you’re getting ready in the morning, try the following:

I love you. I forgive you.

I love you just as you are.

Then once you’ve painted a beautiful picture of self love onto yourself in the mirror, you’ve got to do it eye to eye. Simply keep repeating the affirmation while looking into your eyes, until you can do it comfortably.

This will be a powerful exercise in letting go and will release your inhibitions, judgement and criticism. The eye to eye affirmations can take many weeks before you feel comfortable with yourself doing it. Have patience, and let yourself receive love into those beautiful eyes of yours.

Bathe In Love

Having a bath with heart centred essential oils like ylang ylang, lavender and rose, will and allow you to feel, let go and take in the feeling of love. Think of them as the aromatic and colourful paints you’re using, and imagine that their whole flower forms are literally floating in the bath with you. Those loving smells will go into your factory system and fill it with love.

If you want to see how powerful these baths can be, observe how you feel before, and then after your bath.

Connect With Nature

Being lost and connecting with nature at the beach or in the park, where you can see flowers and animals, will help you see the beauty of what you are and the divine landscape art we live in. Whether that’s by observing the magnificence of your surroundings, or by picking up a stone, a twig, or a shell. Simply connect in and you will experience the energy of everything on the planet, and then you’ll get the connectedness feeling with everything in life. By loving nature, you will be loving yourself.

Be Still

When you do stillness, you drop from all thoughts into your heart, and just be, that’s when you can truly start to experience yourself. You need to train yourself to drop into your heart and come from your heart though, it’s not something we’re taught; it’s a learnt skill.

If you would like some help with learning this skill, why not try an EMF balance. The first EMF Balancing I give, balances the head and the heart for emotional wisdom, and actually sets an ongoing template for it. Then you can relax and know that the system is in place. Then you will naturally know about coming from head and coming from heart, and loving unconditionally.

Learning the art of self love is about being able to go from what you’ve been to who you want to be. From the uncomfortable to the comfortable. And allowing change to come in, so you can paint that beautiful life you so desire and deserve.

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Love Leonie.