What is involved in a House Clearing

I visit many properties,  and each property takes some time to tune into and sense the feel of the space before entering the property.

There can many scenarios in relation to the various energies encapsulated with each individual property.

One of the first steps is to identify what energy or entities are affecting the property.

Once I have established what I am dealing with, I  take the appropriate action toward clearing the house and property.

The impact can be very significant and far reaching, and most often affects the family members, and pets.

The energy shift within the property after it has been cleared is very noticeable.

Selling your Home:  It is wise to work with the energy space clearing, working with the usual blessing, a house clearing will promote positive energies into the home making it feel more attractive to buyers.

A prospective buyer will feel the calmness, and a  greater sense of comfort and positive energy radiating throughout the property.

When the house clearing work is completed?

When the house has been completed ,  I also give you suggestions for moving forward with your life, to maintain a positive outlook and to raise your energy vibrations.

Affirmations are also valuable: “My House always feels safe with positive energy.” 

Leonie Feast-Jones is an Intuitive Energy Healer. For over 30 years Leonie has been Australia’s most sought after energy/space cleanser of Houses and Businesses.