Meditation is an ancient art, practiced by millions of people worldwide and also through many different cultures and beliefs, both in present day and throughout the centuries.

It is a gentle but powerful experience, which requires stillness of the physical body, and changes in the levels of consciousness and activity of the mind.

There are many different ways in which meditation can be useful.

It is a powerful tool depending on the needs of the individual, and may achieve the following benefits:

  • Relaxation of the mind and body
  • Empowerment of the self
  • Focus, clarity and life purpose
  • Guidance and inspiration from the higher
  • Consciousness or spirit guides, helpers and inspirers.
  • Inner peace and healing
  • Creating stillness which is beyond the minds activity.

“One of the greatest gifts we can give our body, mind and soul is the gift of meditation.”

It is good to be gently guided through meditation in the beginning to empower, focus, energise and uplift your mind, body and spirit and enjoy self -appreciation and living in the moment.

Some of the benefits for meditation

  • Concentration allows flow
  • Relaxation stills the mind
  • Peace comes from inside
  • Stillness balances our busyness on the outside

By creating a special sacred space before meditation you will enhance the experience

  1. Creating your special sacred space is supportive for the meditations for maximum results
  2. Practice and familiarise yourself with a few steps before starting.
  3. Keep a note -book handy in case you would like to write down any inspirations given whilst meditating
  4. Find a place where you will not be disturbed and switch off any phones.
  5. Loosen any restrictive clothing, slipping off glasses and shoes.
  6. As your conscious mind shifts you will become less aware of the material surroundings.
  7. Inhale deeply through the nose lifting the body and shoulders upwards and as you breathe out let your muscles relax into your seat, repeat twice, letting go a little more every time you exhale
  8. Visualise a radar sensor and place yourself in the centre
  9. As the sensor sweeps in a clockwise direction, fill with  colour/colours of your choice.
  10. This will now allow you to feel in a safe and sacred space to begin.
  • There are many types of meditation
  • We can do open eye or shut eye meditation
  • Walking along the beach balances our negative ions
  • Creative visualization comes from stillness.
  • To be fully be aware we need quiet time
    • Part of preparing for stillness is making sure you are Clear about Intentions
    • Sometimes it’s a quality you’d like to cultivate like Forgiveness, or Courage other times it’s a more specific request like:
    • Health issues, Operating business
    • Financial freedom or CHANGE

We can experience through meditation a relaxation and energy clearing through the chakras, by removing the energy blocks that have been holding us back

This will facilitate change for new future potentials and opportunities to manifest for health, happiness, relationships, peace and abundance

Self Empowerment, Focus and Direction can be the key.

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