Over many years of healing clients, I have observed that as the seasons change our body energy fields change.

For many people, as winter arrives, arthritis becomes more painful in the body. It also can be debilitating for many people.

As there are different types of arthritis, there are many causes of Arthritis. In many cases, the initial source of arthritis is a block in the energy flow of the body.  In the winter we tend to curl up and not do much exercise. This can cause a sluggish liver and we accumulate acid waste in the tissues.  When we don’t move our body we also experience poor elimination through bowel, kidneys and skin which leads to inflammation.

Through energy healing, we can shift the blockages and move the stagnant energy thorough the body’s electro-magnetic fields.

I also highly recommend the need for creativity and passion to allow sun into your world in the winter months to warm up your body and energy flow. Keeping positive is also a great healer.