How does the root chakra affect the body? (Also known as the Base Chakra or the 1st Chakra)

How does the root chakra affect the body? The Root Chakra is associated with the heart meridian and the small intestine meridian. The colour of the root chakra is red.

When the root chakra is out of balance or not spinning correctly the cause is related to physical survival. This chakra is closely related to the “tribe” we were born into and our sense of identity and safety.

Some of the specific causes of an unbalanced root chakra are:

  • Fear and insecurity
  • That you’re unable to (or feel you’re unable to) provide for life’s necessities
  • You’re not able to stand up for yourself
  • You may feel rejected by your core family
  • You may have lost your sense of self
  • You feel ungrounded and unsupported

If the root chakra is out of balance during childhood, this can affect physical growth and motor skills, as well as physical and emotional stability.

If the root chakra is balanced then you will feel well-grounded and comfortable in your own body. You will feel safe and secure in the world, an ability to relax and be still, and will feel that you have the strength to live the life that’s true for you.

If the root chakra is deficient, you will likely be fearful, restless and “spaced out”.

If the root chakra is too excessive, you will likely feel heavy and sluggish, be overly materialistic and greedy, and you may tend to overeat and be obese.

An unbalanced root chakra may manifest physically as lower back pain, bone issues, or knee, leg or foot pain.

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