Winter is a wonderful time of year to Nurture and re-energise yourself. It’s a quiet contemplative time of the year when we can connect with our inner selves.
I love doing healing in Winter time because I find people are more reflective and focused on the inner rather than the outer world.
 I trust 2016 has been kind to you. I have been busy seeing clients this year and I never cease to be amazed at the massive shifts and transformations my clients experience after healings.
Although I’m based in Perth now I still hold clinics across Australia. I am also available to conduct healings via Skype as these are a practical and powerful way of shifting energy blocks in the electromagnetic field.
Over the next few months I will be conducting Reiki and Empowerment courses.
I also run a 30 day Intensive healing programme where I send positive energy every day for 30 days.
If you would like a consultation, in person or via Skype please don’t hesitate to contact me.